Spain and Equine Law

The popularity of the PRE (Pura Raza Española) has increased strongly in the Netherlands in recent years. If you reside in the Netherlands and intend to buy a horse in Spain, we advise you to have a purchase contract drawn up. We can do this for you. This is important because good agreements beforehand about the inspection, transport and delivery of the horse can prevent a lot of (legal) misery afterwards.

If you still encounter problems after purchasing your horse in Spain and you have to address the selling party over there or litigate in Spain, we advise you to contact us. Because of the good cooperation with lawyers in Spain and our knowledge of Equine Law, we are a good partner for you.

Cooperation with Spanish lawyers

VanToorn legal has been working closely with lawyers in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) for several years. The communication mostly goes through our office. That way our clients won’t be bothered by language barriers. We work together with lawyers who we know to be competent and handle your case diligently.

Office location Spain

In Barcelona we have a beautiful office location at our disposal. This is particularly useful for Dutch clients who live in that part of Spain. Meetings can take place in Barcelona and any necessary legal procedure can then be conducted by us in the Netherlands.