One of our main areas of expertise is international (private) law. When entering into and drafting international agreements, rules of private international law, treaties and European regulations should always be taken into account. Which court has jurisdiction? Which law applies? When assessing contracts, this has to be taken into account also and knowledge of international law is of the utmost importance.

When you sell or buy a horse abroad, you want to avoid having to litigate abroad or for foreign law to apply to your agreement. This is possible by drafting a good purchase contract. We are happy to advise you on the matter and prepare the contract for you.

Vienna Sales Convention

When both parties are professional and nothing is put on paper, the Vienna Sales Convention may apply to the purchase. Many sales contracts exclude the effect of this treaty as a standard, but is that in your best interest? As a seller, it may be better for you if this Convention is declared applicable.


Are you looking for an Equine lawyer in Spain? Our office has very close ties with lawyers in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona). In Barcelona we have a beautiful office location at our disposal. The communication lines are short and because of the good cooperation with reliable lawyers in Spain, we can provide legal assistance to our clients in both countries, while making optimal use of the legal possibilities and achieving the best possible result for you.