It is becoming increasingly common for veterinarians to be held liable. In most cases, the complaint is declared unfounded or the claim is rejected by the court. A bad outcome for the complainant/plaintiff but unfortunately also for the vet. Because of the complaint, he had to call his insurer and his annual premium goes up, even if he wins the case.

Nobody benefits from a proliferation of liability statements and disciplinary matters. It is bad for trust which also does not help you as a horse owner.

That is why we advise both the vet and the client: draw up clear agreements in advance! The assignment and expectations must be clear for all parties involved. We believe that a lot can be gained from this for both the client and the vet.

This does not change the fact that there are, of course, reasons for a client to address a veterinarian. For example, if a defect has been overlooked during the inspection, or if mistakes have been made in the treatment of the horse.

Litigation should never be the starting point. Therefore, we always try to reach an agreement in consultation with parties and their lawyers. However, when this approach fails, we will not shun proceedings. The interests of the client always come first.

At VanToorn Equine we assist both veterinarians and horse owners/clients. This enables us to shed light on a case from all angles.

A complaint against a veterinarian  can be submitted to the Veterinary Disciplinary Court (VTC). This is an independent disciplinary committee established by law. There is one Veterinary Disciplinary Court in the Netherlands and one Veterinary Professional College, both located in The Hague.

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